Secure by design

As digital interactions grow exponentially, existing systems are facing unprecedented challenges in cybersecurity. Geeq has re-engineered blockchain technology for better protection – and to resolve information and data consistency issues everywhere.

Coordination without trust

When is blockchain useful? When there is a trust deficit: I don’t know you, you don’t know me, and we each need the same information to proceed. This is where the value of Geeq’s technology towers above the rest. While other blockchains offer coordination on the contents and updates of their ledgers, their protocols are vulnerable to the exercise of power: one party could gain the power to pick, choose, and ignore transactions, fork the chain without your consent, or arbitrarily and retroactively blacklist or slash accounts. How can each of us know that the other has not gained undue advantage?

Geeq’s Proof of Honesty resolves these doubts. Every node (computer) must prove it has satisfied the one and only logical outcome the protocol will accept. Real world power cannot change mathematical logic, so there are no trust issues to resolve. Either the proofs check out or they don’t. Because everyone is able to verify the proofs (with the help of easy to use software), everyone knows where the correctly validated data resides.

By ensuring access to provably authentic and impartially validated data, Geeq Chains provide the ability to coordinate without trust. Geeq is the first decentralized infrastructure to deliver reliably honest, inexpensive solutions to the problem of information asymmetry. Geeq Chains are the technological backbone of a better economy. For everyone.

Scalable solutions

Every Geeq Chain is independent: it is its own tree, in a forest of chains. Within this ecosystem, any Geeq Chain may be unique, or one of many identical instances that allow unlimited scaling. And, because each Geeq Chain follows the same protocol, Geeq offers a stable, predictable, consistent, and nearly invisible infrastructure to support any application that requires blockchain.

The perfect balance of flexibility, control, and convenience.

Geeq’s enterprise services offer a unique blockchain model to provide businesses with the flexibility they need, by writing proofs periodically from their own private Geeq Chains to an appropriate public Geeq Chain. These proofs are sent as transactions for immediate, indisputable, on-chain settlement. Hybrid blockchain applications give enterprises control over how and when they care to share their private data, while simultaneously employing Geeq’s public blockchain ecosystem to establish credibility in real-time, for compliance, auditing, and coordination with external partners.

Enterprises also have the convenience of Geeq’s multi-chain platform to deploy many Geeq Chains, each accessible via a convenient API. Paired with Geeq’s purposefully application-agnostic infrastructure, enterprises can use Geeq Chains as support for a wide range of existing software and/or decentralized applications.

We know enterprises have different needs as they adapt to change and prepare for new opportunities. Recent structural changes, such as the increase in remote work and the reorganization of supply chains, have put increasing strain on central databases and the firewalls that protect them. Replacing user passwords with Geeq’s more quantum-resistant cryptographic signatures, and adopting our decentralized blockchain technology, form two major steps toward future-proofing your organization.

4 reasons to choose Geeq Chain as a settlement layer

  • Versatile

    Geeq can settle a wide range of transactions on-chain — including atomic transfers, micropayments, and NFTs — without smart contracts. This results in a faster, more scalable platform, while eliminating dependencies and potential attack vectors.
  • Accessible

    Geeq is open to all honest participants, featuring low-cost transactions and uniquely convenient payment equivalents to cashier checks and bearer bonds.
  • Sustainable

    Geeq provides security without the costs and environmental implications of mining. We have achieved this by reengineering decentralized consensus, based on decades of research in economics and game theory, to reward honest participants.
  • Future-proof

    Geeq’s highly secure validation layer features an encryption algorithm with more entropy to facilitate transition to the quantum age. Each blockchain has a well-defined upgrade path that does not require coordination between decentralized nodes. Ultimately, end users can decide whether they prefer the old or new version.


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Geeq’s validation mechanism, Proof of Honesty, creates a credibly neutral and verifiable record of data. This can be used to complement and provide trustworthy validation for your enterprise’s internal database. As calls for transparency and cooperation between firms and regulators grow, Geeq ensures information is readily available for audits and compliance, and may be used to resolve disagreements over paperwork and data entries.


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Geeq is a multi-chain platform. Businesses can work with Geeq to create bespoke chains to meet their specific needs. Each chain is served by its own decentralized network, so there is no shared overhead. This is especially useful for complex supply chains involving many stakeholders and sub-processes.


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Due to our innovative approach to achieving consensus, Geeq Chains are highly scalable and use far fewer resources than competing protocols. For instance, a Geeq Chain can be calibrated to process up to 1,000 transactions per second.


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Ultra-low transaction fees make Geeq the ideal solution for integrating IoT and any other devices that need to be regularly and continually monitored. Depending on the network, transaction costs are between 6/100th and 1/1000th of a cent.


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Our team is upfront with you about everything our blockchain can do. We also tell you when another approach might be preferable. Through listening, honest advice, and a transparent fee structure, we provide the right solution for your needs.

5 reasons to choose Geeq Chain for your blockchain-based applications


Geeq Chain vs Conventional Blockchains

Geeq Chain Conventional Blockchains
Risk of non-neutral reference data None High
Risk of rolling back / time inconsistency None Variable
Risk of congestion Low & temporary High
Easy, neutral upgrade path Yes No
Quantum-readiness High Low
User-Friendly Maintenance Incentives High (This is our business) Variable (Subject to market sentiment)

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