The unique value proposition is knowing when to say yes.

Geeq Data is a decentralized application (dApp) that uses the structure and integrity of a Geeq Chain to make decisions easier than ever. Geeq Data simultaneously constructs a blockchain database as entries are validated on chain, giving key decision makers the ability to know if they are on the same page and able to act. Geeq Data provides provable authenticity, saving everyone time and effort on coordination and verification.

To unlock the full value of data, it must be accessible.

Data is potentially a huge asset. But many organizations cannot tap its full potential due to siloed data systems and structures. Geeq Data empowers enterprises to gain visibility across all business divisions, departments, and data structures, without needing to consolidate their data infrastructure or migrate to new systems.

The smarter, lighter alternative
to Enterprise Data Integration (EDI)


3 reasons to choose Geeq Data

The smarter, lighter alternative to Enterprise Data Integration (EDI)

  • Easier to deploy

    Geeq Data is an add-on layer, so there is no need to migrate underlying data systems. Employees can continue to use existing software, procedures, and processes. In addition, it is a highly flexible framework that can be adjusted easily as your needs for data change.
  • Faster ROI

    Geeq Data can be made available to your organization through an API to increase data visibility quickly across users of your existing enterprise software. As adoption increases, Geeq Data provides added value at each stage. Thus, return on investment (ROI) occurs much faster compared to traditional EDI.
  • More affordable

    As an add-on service, Geeq Data is significantly more affordable than conventional EDI solutions.

Geeq Data vs Conventional EDI

Geeq Data Conventional EDI
Scalability Limitless High
Secure for remote work? Yes No
Signatures, not passwords? Yes No
Downtime from cybersecurity attacks? No It depends
Ready for the Internet of Everything? Yes It depends
Time needed for initial deployment 3-6 months Multiple years

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A secure, trustworthy solution for enterprise data consistency

Expand your horizons with confidence

Flexible Permissions

Access rights to Geeq Data can be granted to everyone, a specific team, or individual users. All existing roles, responsibilities, user groups and access policies within your organization can be retained.

Customized Search

Every entry includes room for metadata that can be encrypted or entered in cleartext, while the full, underlying data source is hashed and written to your blockchain so you can verify it at any time.

Data Accessibility

Attestations, metadata, and hash digests are stored on Geeq Chains dedicated to your organization. Geeq’s proprietary methods to protect and identify the originally validated blockchains removes the need for all participants to access your databases from within your firewall. Perfect for geographically distributed enterprises or work with outside vendors, Geeq Data provides a reliable, time-consistent data layer that is ideal for traceability, auditing, and compliance purposes.

How Geeq Data works

Visibility meets discoverability


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