Brand Guidelines

We work hard to maintain our Geeq’y standards. Please use our brand guidelines when using our logo online and in your materials.

Logos and Typefaces

Classic Geeq Blue

CMYK: 90|77|36|24

RGB: 46|64|100

HEX: #2E4064

Geeq Limitless Blue

CMYK: 73|30|9|0

RGB: 61|148|195

HEX: #3D94C3

Indispensable Geeq Blue

CMYK: 58|6|16|0

RGB: 96|188|208

HEX: #60BCD0

Geeq Goes Green

CMYK: 72|23|42|1

RGB: 71|153|151

HEX: #479997

Orange You Glad You’re a Geeq?

CMYK: 12|74|87|1

RGB: 214|99|57

HEX: #D66339