Course Level Taken : Online Training
Testimonial Rating : 5.00

UPDATE June 17th:

Please be aware that class times are extremely limited due to social distancing. It is our top priority to ensure we can provide a safe environment for our clients and staff.

You may NOT participate or enter our buildings if you answer “YES” to any of the following in the 14 days prior to visiting or coming to class:
* Are you experiencing any fever, cough, or have difficulty breathing?
* Have you returned from the USA or other international destinations?
* Have you been contact traced to a COVID-19 case?
* Have you had close contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been outside Canada?

Covid 19 Safety Protocol - Please read all points.
1. Please come in the building NO EARLIER than 5 minutes prior to your start time.

2. MASKS or FACE SHIELDS REQUIRED: Face Masks/Face Coverings are required where good physical distancing cannot be maintained. You're welcome to remove your mask only while seated in your training station between exercises. You may consider getting your puppy accustom to you wearing a mask before you come to class. Staff & Instructors will be wearing a mask or face covering if good physical distancing of 2 meters cannot be maintained. Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated

3. When you arrive, an Instructor will direct you to your training area. Training areas will be assigned before class to allow for safe social distancing.

4. Please sanitize your hands when entering the building prior to starting class. Due the nature of some of the exercises (such as Recalls), we suggest that you sanitize your hands during your turn. There are multiple sanitization stations throughout the facility.

5. We ask that only 1 person per puppy is permitted inside our training school at one time. (This is subject to change as different restrictions are lifted by the government.)

6. If you are experiencing any sort of illness, please exercise caution for the safety of others and stay home.


As we are working with a skeleton crew, priority has to go to supporting our current students. All emails and messages will be responded to in priority sequence. If you are NOT a student and you have a dog training question, please check out our abundant library of resources for help. You can join us for training at our Online Home School (, get lots of training tips on Youtube ( and our Blog ( We thank you for your pateince and understanding and wish you good health and peace during this difficult time.

AGILITY RENTALS: The agility arena will be CLOSED until further notice

DROP IN TRAINING: will NOT be offered 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We hope to see you in class again shortly!