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Are you interested in helping students pursue their professional dreams? Do you remember what it’s like when you first started out on your professional journey? We support students across the globe who are genuinely interested in becoming outstanding healthcare professionals. Through our guidance, we assist them in successfully navigating their way through the complexities of healthcare professional admissions. Would you like to be part of changing the future of healthcare education?

  • Guarantee: We stand behind our work and are meticulous about what we do. Working for our students is our number one goal.
  • Passion: Our medical consultants live and breathe medical education. They love what they do and it shows in our success.
  • Growth: We encourage succession within our company and reward outstanding performance. Incentives, bonuses and premiums are part and parcel of the consulting work we do.
  • Cutting Edge: We take the lead in evidence-based educational practices and update our content to reflect the newest and best in medical education.

Being part of our Consulting Team

  • Network: Our dynamic network of medical consultants spans diverse specialties across North America.
  • Growth: Demonstrate outstanding performance? You will be recognized for your work. 
  • Incentives: Interested in contributing to our growth within North America? We provide you all the support to get in on the action.
  • Contribution: We’re a collaborative team, pooling our experience, medical knowledge and ideas together. Not seeing something you need? Let’s make it happen.
  • Competitive Compensation: We pay the highest premiums across consulting firms in North America. We value what you do for our students and we show it!
  • Remote Consulting: Work remotely or in-person, a great way to balance your clinical work and support our students.

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Senior Medical Consultant

In This Role

  • Collaborate on facilitating application, interview, CASPer and pre-medical consulting services.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in medical coaching of high school, university and graduate students.
  • Develop personalized sessions for your students (e.g. Mock Interviews, Career Coaching)
  • Facilitate On-Campus workshops and group seminars on medical admissions topics.
  • Liaise with pre-medical student groups On-Campus
  • Promote MedApplications™ within On-Campus student groups and via Online Social Media
  • Contribute to the™ Medical Blog


  • Medical Degree (Canada or United States)
  • Post-Graduate Medical Training or Full Licensure
  • Dynamic Public Speaking Skills
  • Experience in Medical Education
  • Strong proficiency in English and Linguistics
  • Excellent Communicator
  • Self-Starter, Efficient and Detail Oriented


  • Experience with Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)
  • Experience with CASPer®
  • Experience as Medical Interviewer
  • Experience as Medical Application Reviewer

Marketing Campus Coordinator

  • Collaborate with pre-medical student groups on University campus to coordinate events and promotions.
  • Facilitate social media campaigns to market events and promotions
  • Develop strong presence on University Campus with brand recognition
  • Coordinate On-Campus workshops and group seminars on medical admissions topics.
  • Liaise with pre-medical student groups On-Campus
  • Promote MedApplications™ with Class Announcements, Tabling, Social Media, Campus News Outlets, Flyers
  • Contribute to the™ Medical Blog


  • Undergraduate Experience with Students Groups (Member or Executive)
  • Dynamic Public Speaking Skills
  • Strong proficiency in English and Linguistics
  • Excellent Communicator
  • Self-Starter, Efficient and Detail Oriented


  • Pre-Medical Student Group Experience
  • Undergraduate Science Student
  • Experience in Student Tutoring

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Dr. Aleksandar B

Graduate from the University of Ottawa medical school(francophone stream). My interests include rural and remote medicine and global health. I am current a family physician in Victoria, BC. Acceptances: I received medical school acceptance to Ottawa. Expertise: OMSAS Applications, Panel Interviews, Family Medicine Residency for CaRMS. Future Plans: Family physician with full scope of practice and field work with Médecins sans frontières.

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Dr. Phillip A

Phillip received his Bachelor of Science at York University and is now in Emergency Medicine in Canada. His key interests include interview preparation and application editing. Nicolas specializes in NAC OSCE preparation, IMG CaRMS and ERAS applications and medical school interviews.

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Raphael R MDc

Raphael is a bilingual medical consultation specialising in health ethics and psychological research. Prior to medical school, he was accepted to Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge for MPH Masters. Has has worked internationally and travelled the globe, amassing vast experience in medical education. Raphael specialized in medical school applications and traditional medical school interviews, including, Francophone interview preparation.

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Dr. Rebecca H

Rebecca is passionate about teaching. She did her medical degree at the University of Ottawa, French stream, where she was immediately accepted after completing only 3 years of undergrad. During medical school she dedicated most of her free time to help pre-med applicants prepare for panel interviews , MMI and OMSAS. She can expertly prepare candidates in English and French. She successfully went through the Carms process and matched to her first specialty of choice. Rebecca is currently doing her residency in Obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Calgary.

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