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The Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) is administered by the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). It’s responsible for handling Ontario medical school applications. OMSAS collects all supplemental and academic information from students and forwards it to university admissions offices.

OMSAS is also where you accept or deny any offers of admission given to you. Applying through OMSAS is an essential step in your journey to medical school. The supplemental information, which includes reference letters, extracurricular activities, and the OMSAS Autobiographical Sketch, are key factors in acceptance or refusal.

Here at MedApplications, we specialize in helping you present your accomplishments in the best light for medical school admission. Our expert team knows the best way to structure your OMSAS application for medical school admission.

Every year, thousands of students with excellent GPA and MCAT scores apply to join medical schools across Ontario through OMSAS. However, great academics aren’t enough for admission to a medical school.

Successful applicants must set themselves apart from others with an exceptional supplemental application alongside stellar academics.

OMSAS Requirements, Dates, and Deadlines

Applications for the 2020 academic year will open in July through OUAC. Students must submit their completed application by early October to be considered.

At the beginning of the application, students are asked basic questions like their address, name, and Aboriginal Status in Canada.

Then, several important questions must be answered before you apply. Answering “yes” to these questions does not prevent you from entering medical school, but it may cause admission offices to look at your file with increased scrutiny. These questions are:

  • Have you ever been enrolled, or are you currently enrolled in an M.D. program at any university? Indicate the name of the medical school.
  • Has your undergraduate program been interrupted for reasons other than academic failure?
  • Have you ever failed a year at university, been required to withdraw from, or been denied readmission to a university?

Answering yes to these questions will require special consideration from the school. Each school has specific requirements regarding this, so it’s best to consult the school directly.

There are six medical schools in Ontario which students can choose to send their applications. These schools are:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Ottawa
  • Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine (McMaster University)
  • Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry (Western University)
  • Queen’s University
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine

University Transcripts and MCAT Scores

You must provide information about every postsecondary institution you’ve ever attended. Whether it’s CEGEP, summer classes, college, or university, everything must be included.

If you studied in Ontario, OMSAS will electronically request the transcripts and forward them to medical schools. If you studied outside of Ontario, paper transcripts would need to be requested from where you studied.

MCAT scores are electronically released to OMSAS once you’ve provided your most recent test date and AAMC ID.

Calculating OMSAS GPA

Canadian universities differ greatly in how they calculate GPA. Some schools use letter grades, while others use percentages. Many schools use a nine point scale while others use a 4 point one for GPA.

To address this, OMSAS has standardized all university grades into a single OMSAS GPA. The OMSAS chart provided in your application will help you in calculating your average.

This calculation is a very time-consuming task, especially if you’ve attended many institutions. We offer a simple OMSAS GPA calculator, which takes care of all that for you.

OMSAS Autobiographical Sketch

The OMSAS Autobiographical Sketch is essentially every notable thing you’ve done from the age of 16 until now. You are allowed up to 32 entries.

You must provide details about employment, formal education, volunteer work, awards, and accomplishments, including any research you’ve done in the past. 

In the OMSAS Application, enter an item and describe your role in it. A contact for each item must be given. 

This verifier will confirm that you did what you described in your sketch. They can be bosses, research heads, teachers, professors, or any other contact the school can get in touch with.

Writing a concise, specific, and confident OMSAS Autobiographical Sketch is crucial to a successful application. It is essential to start very early to ensure your sketch is excellent.

Note that McMaster University and Western University don’t take the sketch into account, but it is required for every other school.

Three Letters of Reference

It is your responsibility to contact three individuals well before your application date. These three people will be the referees on your application, and they will need to complete the Confidential Assessment Form. 

Once you’ve gotten the consent of your referee, put in their address, name, and contact information into the OMSAS application. They will then receive the assessment form to fill out for you.

Once you’ve put their names in, changes cannot be made, so make sure they’re the referee you want.

Of the three people contacted, one referee must be non-academic. They will attest to your character and strengths. It is not necessary to discuss your sketch entries with your referees.

Supplementary Applications

Two universities require extensive supplementary applications in addition to the OMSAS requirements, they include:

The University of Toronto Supplementary Application

Each year the University of Toronto creates a four question supplementary application. It asks applicants to comment on controversial quotes, news reports, written statements, or topics of interest.

Themes may include healthcare or other, unrelated topics. Often, applicants find these questions confusing and aren’t sure how to answer them. To start, think about your strengths and experiences and how they relate. 

Our doctors help you define yourself in the face of these challenging questions so that when the time comes, you’ll be ready to answer.

The UofT Medical School Application is a vital component of your pre-interview ranking score, which is the deciding factor between receiving an interview or being refused. 

Our medical doctors work with you to produce a competitive OMSAS Autobiographical Sketch and University of Toronto Supplementary Application that highlights your strengths and caters to what the university is looking for.

NOSM (Northern Ontario School of Medicine) Supplementary Application

The NOSM has always had a strong emphasis on rural medical practice. They specialize in the recruitment of future students who are deeply passionate about clinical practice in Northern Ontario.

Creating a competitive NOSM application begins with focusing on rural health, rural health experiences, and why you think you would be the best contributor and advocate for patients in Ontario’s northern communities.

The Northern Ontario Medical School Application is the most critical element of your application to the school. Highlighting your passion and interest for NOSM and showcasing your strengths can be the deciding factor of an interview invitation. Our NOSM medical specialists will review your application profile from a uniquely rural perspective and provide detailed commentary and revisions.

Next Steps

After your application, you will be given an OMSAS number. Once you passed the admissions office’s rounds of screening, you will be invited for an in-person interview. 

In the interview, you will be asked about your non-academic and academic merits and assessed in your communication skills, professionalism, and dedication to medicine.

OMSAS Application Review

Creating a dynamic, professional, and competitive medical school application can be the difference between getting an interview and acceptance into medical school, and being rejected.

Your OMSAS application is a snapshot of your strengths as an applicant.  Ensuring you address the correct core medical competencies, desired attributes, and have the sought after experiences is essential to your success.

Our Canadian medical doctors give you the confidence to put your best foot forward. For many candidates, a successful medical school application can provide the necessary edge to landing an interview. Let our medical doctors guide you from start to finish to ensure your application is successful.

We begin by guiding you through the entire OMSAS process from start to finish. We provide:

  • Counseling with doctors who went through the same process you are going through.
  • The chance to work with a doctor from the same school you’re applying to.
  • We provide services for the OMSAS Medical School Application, Western Canadian Medical School Application, and Eastern Canadian Medical School Application.

We have all of your medical school application needs covered. Our experienced medical doctors and admissions officers are ready to help you succeed. Whether you are a first-time applicant or have already applied before, we’re here to help.

The OMSAS Autobiographical sketch is one of the most important elements of the OMSAS medical school application. Many students are unsure of how to best describe their activities while also keeping in mind what medical schools are looking for. 

Our medical doctors have first-hand experience in reviewing medical school applications and will work with you every step of the way. We will clearly highlight your strengths in relation to medical school core competencies. 

We provide general commentary on your competitiveness, in addition to directly editing your OMSAS Autobiographical sketch to make it sound its best.

Step-by-Step Review Program

Step 1: Macro Review

Your submitted University of Toronto and NOSM Supplementary Application with ABS is reviewed by your Medical Doctor for the following criteria:

  • OMSAS Supplementary and ABS Content
  • OMSAS Supplementary and ABS Flow
  • OMSAS Supplementary and ABS Core Competencies
  • OMSAS Supplementary and ABS Competitiveness

Step 2: Selection of Meaningful Experiences

In collaboration with your consultant, identify your meaningful experiences from each OMSAS ABS Category.

Step 3: Micro Review:

Your Supplementary Applications and ABS are now reviewed by your Medical Doctor for the following criteria:

  • OMSAS Supplementary and ABS Content
  • OMSAS Supplementary and ABS Flow
  • OMSAS Supplementary and ABS Core Competencies
  • OMSAS Supplementary and ABS Phrasing, Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation

Step 4: Polish

In collaboration with our experienced Medical Team of OMSAS reviewers, your medical doctor will revise, polish, and complete your OMSAS Supplementary Applications and ABS for final review.

Step 5: Final Review

  • Your OMSAS Supplementary Applications and OMSAS ABS undergo a final review and approval by yourself, your Medical Doctor, and our OMSAS review team. Once the final review is complete, it is ready for submission.

Increase Your Chances of Success on Your OMSAS Application

Your OMSAS application is important, and you must take the time to fill it out properly. A successful application will determine which medical school you are attending in the fall.

Our team of doctors, medical professionals, and industry experts can provide you with the insight you need to get accepted to the medical school you want to attend.

We can help you create an application that caters to the needs of the medical schools you are applying for, prepare you for the rigorous interview process, and ensure that your Autobiographical Sketch is tailored to your personality, experiences, and accomplishments.

Get in touch with the MedApplications team today if you’re interested in creating an OMSAS application that will increase your chances of getting accepted.

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