Master the Traditional Panel Interview

You’ve spent years studying and preparing for medical school. Now, the only thing standing in your way is the Panel Interview. Perform well – and you’ll be that much closer to your dream profession.

With increasing competition, you need to stand out during your Med School Panel Interview if you want to get accepted into medical school. It’s one of the best ways to distinguish yourself as a serious candidate.

Let MedApplications make your Panel Interview prep easy. Learn the best tips, tricks, and secrets from industry experts, medical doctors, and professionals.

What is the Panel Interview?

The Panel Interview is a traditional interview format that predates both the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and the Modified Personal Interview (MPI). It’s a single long-form interview that is used by medical schools all throughout the world.

A typical Panel Interview is anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour long. Candidates will be interviewed by a mix of medical doctors, students, and residents, community members, and other healthcare professionals.

The Panel Interview is designed to assess the quality of a candidate by highlighting their personality traits, critical thinking skills, professionalism, and dedication to becoming a doctor.

Panel Interview Packages Offered by MedApplications


  • Panel Resource Folder
  • Live Panel Coaching Session
  • Full-Length Mock Interview
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric
  • In-Person Interview Preparation*     
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions*
  • Mix and Match
  • Success Guarantee*
  • Working with Experts – The Match Guarantee


Introductory Panel Interview Prep

  • Panel Resource Folder
  • Live Panel Coaching Session 1 Hour Coaching
  • Full-Length Panel Mock Interview with Feedback 1 Mock Interview
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric

$395 CAD

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Premium Panel Interview Prep

  • Panel Resource Folder
  • Live Panel Coaching Session 1 Hour Coaching
  • Full-Length Panel Mock Interview with Feedback 3 Mock Interviews
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric

$795 CAD

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Comprehensive Panel Interview Prep

  • Panel Resource Folder
  • Live Panel Coaching Session 1.5 Hours Coaching
  • Full-Length Panel Mock Interview 5 Mock Interviews
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric
  • In-Person Inteview Preparation* Upgrade Available
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions Upgrade Available
  • Mix and Match*
  • Working with Experts – The Match Guarantee

$1295 CAD

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Ultimate Panel Interview Prep

  • Panel Resource Folder
  • Live Panel Coaching Session 3 Hours Coaching
  • Full-Length Panel Mock Interview with Feedback Unlimited Interviews
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric
  • In-Person Inteview Preparation* Upgrade Available
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions* Upgrade Available
  • Mix and Match
  • Acceptance Guarantee*
  • Working with Experts – The Match Guarantee

$2995 CAD

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MedApplications Panel Interview Prep programs include:

  • Direct instruction from Panel Interview experts, including current industry professionals who have succeeded with this interview in the past. We offer video conferencing too, in case you live far from a major centre or have a busy schedule.
  • Get the inside scoop. We’ll pair you with a medical expert who has experience in your school of choice. Learn how the university you are interviewing at uniquely approaches the Panel Interview to increase your chances of acceptance.
  • Take mock Panel Interviews to get a taste for how the real one will feel. Simulated interviews are one of the best ways to improve your responses and delivery.
  • Valuable online resources. Our program covers every Panel Interview topic. Gain access to webinars, sample questions, and comprehensive feedback from real medical professionals.
  • Money Back Guarantee*

Ace the Panel Interview and overcome the final hurdle to medical school.

Enroll in our industry-leading Panel Interview prep.

A Panel Interview prep program carried out by our team of experts can help you:

  • Understand how to approach the Panel Interview
  • Provide you with hands-on experience and practice Panel Interview questions
  • Ensure that you feel confident and fully prepared for the Panel Interview
  • Receive answers from MDs for any questions or concerns you may have about the interview

Meet our Medical Doctors

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Dr. Fernando A

Fernando is an exceptional clinical and educational instructor in general surgery at UofT. He specializes in training International Medical Graduates in the NAC OSCE exam, as well as interview preparation for CaRMS and ERAS. He has supported Canadian Medical Graduates and International Medical graduates with competitive CaRMS and ERAS applications to the most competitive surgical programs. He has been instrumental in supporting career coaching and guidance for aspiring surgeons.

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Dr. Michael M

Ophthalmology MMI, Panel & OMSAS Specialist CaRMS, ERAS and IMG Senior Consultant Medical Doctorate: University of Toronto Michael is a medical all-star, an extremely high achieving academic with medical research background and extraordinarily high acceptance rate to medical school. He was accepted to all 6 Ontario medical schools on his 1st try. He has been preparing pre-medical students throughout his medical training, assisting pre-meds with OMSAS applications, MMI and Panel interviews with amazing success.

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Dr. Matthew

Senior Medical Consultation MPI, MMI & Panel Specialist OMSAS Application Expert CaRMS Residency Expert Medical Doctorate: University of Toronto Matthew is a seasoned MPI and UofT expert with vast experience in medical school applications, admissions and interviews. He is an expert in CaRMS Residency applications for the most competitive programs in Canada. He has excelled at training high school students, university students and graduate students at all levels of education.

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Dr. Angela L. (McMaster)

Obstetrics & Gynaecology CASPer®, MMI, OMSAS & CaRMS Application Specialist Medical Doctorate: McMaster University. Angela is an Obstetrics & Gynaecology resident at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about helping pre-medical and medical students achieve their goals and has successfully mentored many students through the OMSAS and CaRMS application process. She has particular expertise in the CASPer® test and MMI interviews as a former McMaster medical student and reviewer, and is eager to utilize her experience to help new applicants.

Panel Interviews: Approach your interview with the right information.

Traditional panel interviews include many parts. Even though you may have more time to elaborate with your answers, you should keep these best practices in mind:

  • Know what your interviewers are listening for. Be prepared to present yourself like a future doctor. Consistency and professionalism are key, along with knowing how to communicate your personal story to reinforce your fit and readiness for a career in medicine.
  • Refresh your knowledge on medical topics. Medical issues are always evolving. Demonstrate your deep understanding of current medicine and ethical issues to impress the evaluators.
  • Practice your interviewing skills. The Panel Interview is designed to assess how you perform under pressure. Ensure your interview skills are sharp and that you provide answers that both consistent and appropriate for a medical professional.

Panel Interviews are designed to test your knowledge on a variety of topics while also evaluating your fit for med school. Studying on your own often isn’t enough. MedApplications Panel Interview packages are designed to provide you with enough practice, insight, and relevant expertise to enhance your performance come interview day.

Why choose a Panel Interview program from MedApplications?

Don’t let all your years of studying and hard work go to waste… ensure you get into your chosen medical school with our panel Interview packages.

The answer is easy: MedApplications has created the best Panel Interview preparation program in North America. Nothing compares to the guidance offered by our team of expert medical professionals. Learn exactly what you’ll need to know to pass your Panel Interview and get accepted into medical school.

Our packages provide you with valuable insight into the Interview, patented algorithms, and hundreds of Panel Interview practice questions. 

With MedApplications, you’ll benefit from:

  • The expertise of our panel Interview veterans. Learn from previously successful Panel Interview takers. Our specialists know exactly what you need to conquer any university’s application process.
  • A powerful refresher on your medical knowledge. Because the Panel Interview covers a wide variety of topics, our coaching and resources will help you strengthen your knowledge on everything from hotly debated medical field issues to the intricacies of Canadian and American healthcare, and other vital subjects.
  • Personal skills positioning that will wow the panelists. Be coached to come across as professional, confident, and ‘med school ready’ in the eyes of your Panel. Group interviews can be a challenge, but we can ensure you will have the practice and guidance to make a great impression on everyone.
  • Personalized instruction from leading practitioners. Get focused coaching to ensure your responses flow better and demonstrate how you are a cut above the rest. Our overall success rate is high, and no other program prepares you better than we do.

Choose Med Applications Panel Interview Preparation if you are applying to the following Canadian Medical Schools:

In Ontario:

  • Queen’s University (MMI/Panel)
  • University of Ottawa
  • Western University

In Western Canada:

  • University of Manitoba (MMI/Panel)

In Eastern Canada:

  • Memorial University (MMI/Panel)

In the United States:

  • Ivy League Medical Schools (Panel)
  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • University of Pennsylvania
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