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means the account held by us in your name and which holds the information submitted by you to us;


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Privacy Statement

or Policy means the privacy statement referred to on the Site;


means a kit which enables you to take and store a blood sample in it, or to store a urine sample in it, as sold by us;


means testing the Sample that you send to the Accredited Laboratory, and providing you with the Test Information;

Us or We

means the Company (“MedApplications” – Parria Educational Services Inc..);


“virus” or “worm”, “Trojan horse”, “trap door”, “Software Switch”, “time” or “logic bomb”, “disabling code” or “routines”, or “expiration dates”;

You or you

means the user of the Site.

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Amendment of the terms

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MedApplications® Guarantee

MedApplications™ and Parria Educational Services Inc. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

MedApplications™ and Parria Educational Services Inc. does not guarantee admission or acceptance to any educational, professional or employment program. MedApplications™ and Parria Educational Services Inc. is not in any way responsible for unsuccessful applications, interviews, CASPer® or any aspect of educational, professional or employment admissions. It is the sole responsibly of the applicant to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines and recommendations outlined by the institution. Feedback from MedApplications™ and Parria Educational Services Inc. does not represent any institution or organization. Decisions made my institutions or organizations are solely that of the designated institution or organization.

All purchases are non-refundable. If a client is not satisfied with the services received, they must provide written notice within 24 hours, comprehensively detailing their circumstance for evaluation by Parria Educational Services Inc. If services are not provided in accordance with the program purchased, it is the client/students responsibility to notify Parria Educational Services Inc. in writing, within 1 business day of purchase. Parria Educational Services Inc. can evaluate each case to determine if alternate solutions can be met however, is not obliged. If a service is purchased in anticipation of an interview invite, award or expected title, and then not used, a credit will be issued for the unused services to be used at a later date. Credits are only valid for 12 months. If a credit is not used within the time period it is forfeited.

Interview Bundle Guarantees

Students must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for any MedApplications™ money back guarantee.  For Premium Bundle 3, Bundle 4 or the Ultimate Interview programs, including, interview preparation package of the MMI, MPI or Panel Interview Category, students must have been officially invited to at least one recognized medical school interview. Only university students or graduate students will be considered. High School students are not eligible for any money back guarantees.Students must use all of their comprehensive (Bundle 3) or Ultimate (Bundle 4) package for 1 interview style. When Mix and Match is applied the guarantee is voided.

Students have to provide documentation demonstrating outstanding academic performance (3.95 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent for each and every academic year (minimum 3 consecutive years) while taking a full course load (5.0 Full Credits, 10.0 Half Credits) per year.

Student must demonstrate an MCAT score on the previous AAMC MCAT of at least 12 in Verbal Reason, and at least 12 in Biological Sciences and Physical Science categories out of 15, in the most recent attempt. For students who have written the MCAT as of 2015, a score must be achieved in the 90th (128 per section) percentile or above in each category.

Students must enrol in the BUNDLE 3, BUNDLE 4 or Ultimate interview preparation program at least 4-weeks prior to their interview date which is to be confirmed by MedApplications. Official supporting documentation must be provided, including, official application submission to the medical school(s) (e.g. OMSAS). Students must have excellent communication skills in English as evaluated by MedApplications’ consultants.

Students must fulfill all medical school admissions criteria as set out by the medical school and strictly adhere to all policies, instructions and guidance. MedApplications™ is not responsible for missed interviews, applications or CASPer tests due to extenuating circumstances of any sort. MedApplications takes no responsibility for missed deadlines of any sort for any application to any program or if a student fails to meet eligibility criteria for any other reason.

Students must adhere to MedApplications™ consultant guidance and consultation recommendations and attend all sessions and complete all outlined preparatory work. Any cancellations, modifications or adjustments to the MedApplications’ program will automatically void the guarantee. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all of their sessions are arranged.

Students must have excellent communication skills in English as evaluated by MedApplications’ consultants. Students must fulfill all medical school admissions criteria as set out by the medical school and strictly adhere to all policies, instructions and guidance. This includes health status.

Unlimited Interview*

Unlimited interview begins from the date of registration and includes unlimited MMI interview preparation with a dedicated MMI coach, at least 1 per week until the interview date. Unlimited interviews last for the duration of the current interview season. Unlimited interviews continue until our MMI, MPI or Panel coaches deem the candidate to be “ready” for their upcoming MMI, MPI or Panel interview. Frequency and quantity of sessions will vary depending on the applicant. Unlimited interviews cannot be mixed and matched with other interview formats, and will only apply to the specific interview type being supported. The Guarantee is voided when a mix and match is requested and applied. n

Ultimate Admissions’ Guarantees

The student is solely responsible for the GPA criteria and MCAT criteria outlined.

Students have to provide documentation demonstrating outstanding academic performance (3.95 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent for each and every academic year (minimum 3 consecutive years) while taking a full course load (5.0 Full Credits, 10.0 Half Credits) per year.

Student must demonstrate an MCAT score on the previous AAMC MCAT of at least 12 in Verbal Reason, and at least 11 in Biological Sciences and Physical Science categories out of 15, in the most recent attempt. For students who have written the MCAT as of 2015, a score must be achieved of 128 per section or above in each section.

The students must also adhere strictly to all aspects of the packages as set out by MedApplications and the consultants involved.

If all the above criteria have been met and you do not receive acceptance to medical school or equivalent, you have 24 hours from the time you receive notification from the medical school admissions committee of rejection to notify MedApplications in writing and provide all written documentation required proving the required criteria.

Ultimate Admissions Programs:

Please note the following inclusions in Ultimate Admissions Programs: Unlimited Interview Preparation is limited to Bundle 2 equivalent per interview format (MMI, Panel or MPI). A formal interview invitation must be received in order to begin interview preparation. A candidate can opt to begin interview preparation earlier, equivocal to 1 interview preparation session of 1.5 hours per format. Once an interview invite is received, the prior sessions will be transferred into the Bundle 2 per interview equivalents. This policy can change anytime without notice. Official documentation of an interview invite must be provided. If an interview is not received, a formal evaluation of the consultations will occur. Unlimited CASPer(R) preparation is equivocal to the Bundle 3 CASPer program, including, unlimited attempts at all CASPer(R) simulations. Unlimited Application support is equivocal to the Ultimate Application Program (including: 10 Medical School Application to the United States and 10 Medical School Applications to Canada).

Parria Educational Services Inc. and MedApplications(TM) makes no representations, guarantees or inferences in guaranteeing success in achieving medical school, medical residency or healthcare profession acceptance. Regardless of circumstance it is the candidate (purchaser’s or affiliate’s) responsibility to take complete ownership over their application, interview, CASPer(R) or consultation. Parria Educational Services Inc. is in no way responsible for the outcome of any attempt, successful or unsuccessful to medical school, medical residency or any healthcare or professional institution globally. It is the sole obligation of the applicant.

Purchased services

Purchased services are valid for 12 months following the date of purchase. Ultimate packages are excluded from this term and are associated the terms and conditions associated with the particular ultimate program.

Contact us

If you have any concerns about material which appears on our Site, please contact us at info@medapplications.com