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How to get into Medical School  with MedApplications

Our Medical Doctors and Healthcare consultants will help you succeed in getting into your dream medical school or professional school of your choice. Our highly successful educational consulting firm is the leading provider of medical school admissions preparation in North America.

We are the leading educational and academic consulting firms in North America, known for matching you with the best educational consultants to achieve your educational and professional goals. MedApplications is the leader in Multiple Mini Interview Preparation, Canadian Medical School Application Help, American Medical School Application Review, International Medical Graduate Residency Matching and CASPer test prep. We help you get into the toughest medical programs in the world. 

Each and every year we help 1000s of students with their medical professional goals. Over 13 years, originating at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, we have helped over 25,000 students around the world get into medical school or professional healthcare careers. MedApplications has secured the brightest medical consultants in North America to help you succeed. We help students at all medial levels, including, pre-medical college students, medical students, medical residency and faculty. MedApplications boasts a success rate of over 92% , helping students like you get into medical school.

As a result of our success in helping you get into medical school, spots in our medical school application, medical school interview, and medical school CASPer programs are limited. Our google reviews and testimonials are second to none. Experience the success for yourself!

We specialize in helping you succeed

Matching you with the best consultant for your needs

At MedApplications, we believe that all applicants are unique and exceptional in their own right. There is no cookie cutter recipe to succeeding in getting into medical school. Rather, we tailor our medical school admissions process to your strengths, to ensure you reach the ultimate goal of getting into medical school. We have a student centred approach that matches you with the best consultant team for your specific requirements. You work with specialized coaches to achieve your objective of getting into medial school.

92% Admissions Success Rate

You succeed with our Help

Since 2008, we’ve blazed a trail in successful admissions, ranking as  North America’s leading provider of medical school application preparation and coaching. Why trust your future to anyone else? We believe in staffing the best medical doctors and healthcare consultants who are up to date with the current state of medical school admissions. Our success stems from the specificity we provide every student. You are matched to a specialized coach to achieve your individual goals and objectives for getting into medical school.

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Dr. Fernando A

Fernando is an exceptional clinical and educational instructor in general surgery at UofT. He specializes in training International Medical Graduates in the NAC OSCE exam, as well as interview preparation for CaRMS and ERAS. He has supported Canadian Medical Graduates and International Medical graduates with competitive CaRMS and ERAS applications to the most competitive surgical programs. He has been instrumental in supporting career coaching and guidance for aspiring surgeons.

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Dr. Jeffrey W

Neurology CaRMS, ERAS and IMG Senior Consultant McGill and MMI Specialists Clinical and Basic Research Specialist Medical Doctorate: McGill University Acceptances: Maryland MD/PhD, McGill MD/PhG, Dartmouth, Wayne States, Queen’s University. Jeff is one of the lead medical consulting specialists with an extremely high success rate of medical school acceptance at McGill University. As an MD/PhD, Jeff specializes in clinical and basic science research. He also specializes in preparing students for the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) in Canada and the United States. As an experienced consultant he supports International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and Foreign Trained Physicians with CaRMS and ERAS residency matching.

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Dr. Daniel M (UofC)

Ophthalmology, University of Calgary MMI & Panel Experience CaRMS Application Experience Medical Doctorate: University of Calgary Daniel is a high achieving academic with both medical research experience and a non-traditional background. Prior to entering medical school he completed a BSc at the University of Alberta followed by a MA in Theology at the University of Toronto. Daniel was accepted to multiple medical schools. Daniel has extensive experience counseling pre-medical students with written applications, MMI and Panel interviews.

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Dr. Ahmed K. (McMaster)

Ahmad is an enthusiastic family medicine resident, with vast experience teaching and mentoring students. Ahmad specializes in coaching students at any stage from high school to graduate school and anything in between.

Be Paired With A Top Practicing Doctor or Specialist

We match you with the best consultant to secure your dream school

Your Medical School Application Consultant will be a successful, practicing physician, matched to your specialty interests, personality and needs. Get on the inside track with a real doctor. Not only do you receive expert guidance from former admissions officers, interviewers and application reviewers, but we practice what we preach. You gain the benefit of working with practicing medical doctors and healthcare consultants with real world experience. You reap the benefits of that experience on your application, in your interview and while taking your CASPer test.

Evidenced-Based Practice that Really Works

We staff the brightest minds in education to give you the inside track to medical school and professional school admissions

From medical school interview tips, medical school interview coaching through assistance with your cover letter for medical school application all the way to CASPer® or residency matching, we do it all. We specialize in doing one thing, getting you accepted to medical school or the dream healthcare professional school of your choice.

Our areas of specialty include:

  1. Medical Residency Matching
  2. Medical School Applications
  3. CASPer Test Simulation
  4. Multiple Mini Interview Preparation
  5. QuARMS (Queen’s Accelerated Route to Medical School)
  6. McMaster Bachelor of Health Sciences Program
  7. Direct Entry Medical School for High School Students
  8. Clinical Skills Training for NAC OSCE

A unique focus on High School Students

Preparing the future for successful careers in Medicine

It’s simple: MedApplications has designed the leading High School preparation program in North America. Our medical doctors and direct medical school entry experts are top professionals (including past medical school reviewers) who will equip you with everything you need to succeed in getting into medical school from high school.

This includes a comprehensive, 360 approach to the high school to medical school pathway:

  • Medical Career Consulting: Be mentored by the brightest physicians specializing in supporting high school students.Meet in-person or via videoconference to develop the most effective strategy on getting into medical school.
  • Medical Doctors Specializing in your desired program: You work with medical doctors who are hand picked for your specific objectives. Applying to Ireland? Work with a medical graduate from RCSI. Applying to QuARMS? Work with a Queen’s medicine graduate. Applying to McMaster BHSc? Work with a BHSc graduate. We pair you with the best.
  • Research and Volunteer Placements: We provide access to our extensive physician network and source the most competitive placements in North America. Pursue your passions and make it relevant to your future career as a doctor.
  • Academic and Course Support: We know what it takes to succeed in High School and reach that 90% goal. We work with you and alongside any educational professionals (Guidance teams, teachers etc…) to ensure you are set up for success.
  • Reference Letters:  Getting the stamp of approval from a top reference is vitally important, we help you strategize and get the most out of your contacts. Thinking ahead will be a game changer for this important vote of confidence.
  • Unlimited Support: With our Ultimate High School MD Admissions Program you receive unlimited support until you get in. Consultations, Phone Calls, E-mails, there is no restriction. We are here for you and your success.
  • 100% success rate with our Ultimate High School MD Admissions program*. No other High School prep program offers you THIS much.

Our Success Guarantee*

There’s no risk – none at all. We are so confident that we can meaningfully impact your application and interview that we fully stand behind our services. So, what are you waiting for?

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